Cloudways Coupon Code 2024 - 30% Off for 3 Months [Exclusive Promo]

December 09, 2023


What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a leading cloud hosting platform that empowers businesses with seamless and scalable solutions. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, it offers a user-friendly interface to manage applications on popular cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean.

With a focus on performance, security, and ease of use, the cloud hosting platform is a reliable choice for developers and businesses seeking a hassle-free cloud hosting experience.

Whether you are launching a website, managing web applications, or scaling your online presence, Cloudways provides a versatile and accessible platform to harness the power of cloud computing.


Cloudways Promo Codes & Discount Offers 

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How to Activate Cloudways Promo Code

Every promo code is eligible for single use and is non-transferable. Follow these steps to activate your Cloudways promo code and enjoy great discounts:

Step 1: Go to the Cloudways signup.

cloudways signup

Step 2: Fill out the complete signup form.

Step 3: Click the “Got a Promo Code?” link at the bottom of the signup form and enter LEADINGSEO.

cloudways coupon

Step 4: Click the “Start Free” button to sign up for a discounted hosting account.


How to Launch a Server in Cloudways

As a cloud hosting platform, Cloudways boasts a user-friendly interface where you can manage popular servers like DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud Engine. Follow these steps to launch a server in Cloudways:

Step 1: Log in to your Cloudways account and navigate to the Server tab on the top menu. Click the green Launch button.

how to launch cloudways server

Step 2: Cloudways allows you to install multiple applications including WordPress, Woocommerce, Php, Magento and Drupal. Follow below simple steps to add an application on the cloudways clatform.

Choose your preferred application, cloud provider, and server size. Review your estimated monthly cost and click Add Application.

How to install wordpress on cloudways

Step 3: Once the installation on the server is complete, click the WWW button to view your new applications.

cloudways applications

Cloudways Features

  • Dedicated Environments: Cloudways provides dedicated environments, ensuring users have exclusive application resources. Doing so enhances performance and reliability by avoiding shared resource constraints commonly found in other hosting solutions.
  • Free Object Cache Pro: With the inclusion of the Object Cache Pro, Cloudways optimizes website speed and responsiveness by caching frequently used data. This reduces load times and improves overall user experience at no additional cost.
  • Free Caching Plugin: Cloudways offers a free caching plugin to streamline website performance, enabling users to enhance page load times and optimize the overall responsiveness of their web applications.
  • 1-Click Free SSL: Simplifying the often complex process of securing websites, Cloudways offers one-click free SSL installation. It ensures that users can encrypt data transmissions and establish a secure connection between their website and visitors.
  • Bot Protection: Cloudways integrates bot protection features, safeguarding websites from malicious bot activities that can compromise security and disrupt normal website operations. Doing so provides an added layer of defense against potential threats.
  • 1-Click App Deployment: Cloudways accelerates the deployment of web applications with a user-friendly one-click process. This allows users to launch and manage their desired applications swiftly without intricate technical configurations.
  • Seamless Vertical Scaling: Recognizing the dynamic needs of growing businesses, Cloudways provides seamless vertical scaling. It enables users to adjust server resources vertically, ensuring that their hosting environment can adapt to changing demands.
  • Staging Environment: Cloudways facilitates a staging environment for users to test website changes and updates before deploying them live. Doing so minimizes the risk of disruptions and ensures a smooth transition from development to production.
  • Server & App Cloning: Cloudways empowers users to clone servers and applications effortlessly, facilitating the replication of entire setups for testing, backup, or scaling purposes.
  • 1-Click Backup & Restore: Prioritizing data security, Cloudways offers one-click backup and restore functionality. This allows users to effortlessly safeguard and recover their data, providing peace of mind and protection against unforeseen data loss scenarios.
  • 24/7 Live Support: With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Cloudways provides round-the-clock live support to ensure users can access expert assistance whenever needed.


Cloudways Addons

  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN: Cloudways integrates seamlessly with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, offering accelerated website performance and enhanced security through global content delivery. Users can benefit from reduced latency, increased website reliability, and robust DDoS protection, optimizing the overall user experience while maintaining a secure online presence.
  • Website Migration: Cloudways simplifies the process of website migration. This feature minimizes downtime, ensuring a smooth transition for users looking to move their websites with minimal disruption.
  • Elastic Email: The Elastic Email addon on Cloudways enhances email delivery and engagement by directly integrating a reliable email delivery service into the hosting environment. Users can benefit from improved email deliverability, tracking capabilities, and scalability.
  • SafeUpdates: SafeUpdates, a unique Cloudways addon, ensures a secure and streamlined update process for WordPress websites. By creating a staging environment, conducting tests, and automatically rolling back updates in case of issues, SafeUpdates minimizes the risks associated with updates.
  • Rackspace Email: Cloudways offers integration with Rackspace Email, providing users with a robust and reliable email hosting solution. With features like secure email access, collaboration tools, and advanced security measures, Rackspace Email enhances overall communication efficiency for businesses hosted on the Cloudways platform.


Cloudways Pricing & Plans

Cloudways pricing plans

$0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

Cloudways offers a pay-as-you-go pricing plans, wherein users only need to pay for the resources they consume. They can start by choosing a cloud provider and server resources.

The pricing plan ranges from $9 to $1,500 per month, and all of them come with the following features:

  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited apps
  • Staging environment
  • Free SSL
  • Dedicated firewall
  • Automated backups
  • Cloudflare enterprise CDN


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Cloudways trial period?

Cloudways offers a 3-day trial period to get you familiar with their platform. The 3-day trial starts with the creation of a server.

Does Cloudways provide a free hosting service?

Cloudways provides web hosting services for WordPress users, e-commerce, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), bloggers, and publishers for as little as $9 monthly. Luckily, users can sign up for free and enjoy a 3-day trial period to check whether Cloudways suits their needs.

What payment methods does Cloudways support?

Users can pay for Cloudways hosting and server using major credit cards or through PayPal. The following payment methods are supported at Cloudways:

Credit card or Debit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)

PayPal (only available to customers who have upgraded the account)

Does Cloudways have free website migrations?

Cloudways offers free migration to move your website from your old server to the Cloudways platform. Every account comes with one free managed website migration.

​Does Cloudways provide free SSL certificates?

All pricing plans have free built-in Encrypt SSL certificates to cater to your HTTPS security requirements.


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